Art, wine and the muse behind the pairing

Creative artists have definitely kept their appointment with their muse, and they’re set to deliver. With more than 80 events during Napa Valley’s Arts in April, clearly the artists have been prolific. Expect Highway 29 in Napa Valley to be populated by wine enthusiasts who double as art lovers. There [...]

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Test Your Wine IQ: Why the lovefest between pork and pinot?

Pigs & Pinot at Healdsburg’s Dry Creek Kitchen this past weekend raised more than $150,000 for local charities and Share Our Strength by celebrating the duo. So what is it that makes this pairing so compelling, not to mention profitable? The experts say it can be pared down to one [...]

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Pigs & Pinot: Delectable Goodwill

Terese and George Kemble of Saratoga were at the Pigs & Pinot Gala Saturday night at Healdsburg’s Dry Creek Kitchen. Each savored the 5-course pork-centric meal paired with 10 pinot noirs. It was nothing less than a feast for pinot noir-lovers who crave all things pork – from pig’s tail [...]

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A Lake County wine auction in Napa? You bet.

The wine auction for Lake County -- Lake County Rising -- is Sunday March 20 in Napa to fund fire relief efforts. For the back story, here's a Q & A with Terry Dereniuk, executive director of Lake County Winery Association. Dereniuk also gives us a peek at the top [...]

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What to Know About Sonoma County’s 2016 Wine Road Barrel Tasting

The 36th Annual Wine Road Barrel Tasting at Wilson Vineyards in the Dry Creek Valley. (Photo by John Burgess) The tasting, which unfolds this weekend and again next, is expected to draw thousands of people to the backroads of Sonoma County. For many Millennials, ages 21 to 31, [...]

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Oscar loot includes a Sonoma County wine

The Estate 1856 Bordeaux Blend Dessert Wine made its way into a gift bag for the well-heeled prepping for the Oscars this week. Nominees, directors and producers were among those at an event Tuesday called the Red Carpet Style & Beauty Event at the West Los Angeles Hotel in Westwood. [...]

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SRJC Wine Classic celebrates 2 county favorites

The Sonoma County wine world was under one roof on Sunday – or so it seemed. The Who’s Who came to the SRJC Wine Classic to honor Journalist Gayle LeBaron and Chef John Ash. The event raised more than $40,000 for SRJC wine, culinary arts, and hospitality student scholarships.   [...]

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Unique Exhibit: 40 Oak Barrels Turned into Art

Stop by DeLoach Vineyards in Santa Rosa Friday, Saturday or Sunday to see a one-of-a-kind exhibit. Artists have clearly met with their muse to craft the oak barrels in an interesting way. They have been painted, sculpted and in some cases, turned into furniture. The exhibit is in honor of [...]

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The 40th Anniversary of the Paris Tasting

This year marks four decades since the infamous Paris Tasting of 1976, the one in which French judges were mortified when they picked California wines as victors in blind tastings. The “Judgment of Paris,” as the tasting came to be known, put California winemaking on the map, inspiring people all [...]

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Does Organic Wine Taste Better? Study: A hands down yes

This has long been the belief of the organic and biodynamic camps, but proving it scientifically has always seemed next to impossible. However, a new study by members of the American Association of Wine Economics, reveals a significant link between organic wine and high scores from three highly esteemed wine [...]

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