glassWhen Jackson Family Wines purchased the pinot savvy Siduri, it made me think of the founders’ crazy caper.

Here’s a recap of it from a story I wrote on Adam and Dianna Lee last year:

The bold and audacious couple did their part to tip the scales in their favor back in 1995. They heard the influential wine critic Robert Parker Jr. of “The Wine Advocate” was at the Meadowood Resort in Napa Valley.

“We might have had a bit to drink and that inspired us to take a sample over,” Adam said with a mischievous grin.

Dianna laughed. “It seemed like such a good idea and didn’t seem risky at all.”

They left a bottle and a handwritten note for Parker with the concierge. The next morning, Adam regretted what they’d done and called the concierge to get the bottle back. But it was too late.

A couple of months later, Parker’s review came out, scoring the pinot noir in the 90s, putting Siduri on the map in a big way.

Another milestone for this entrepreneurial couple was their pinot noir debut at the White House. The couple found their way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., but they didn’t enter like the majority of visitors, through the front door.

The couple’s Siduri pinot noir entered through the back door, thanks to Daniel Shanks, the White House wine steward. Shanks chose the 2012 Russian River Valley as the only Sonoma County wine to be poured for the holiday parties at the White House last December.

Over the years the Lees have polished their pinot, and it’s great to see that Jackson Family Wines appreciates their gem.


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