The Grammy Award for Best Parody goes to …Lisa Mattson and her team at Healdsburg’s Jordan Vineyard and Winery.

To celebrate the cabernet harvest, here’s the team’s first attempt at this unique category – lyric video animation parody.

It’s called the “Shape of Cab”

Check out the original Ed Sheeran “Shape of You” lyric video and the parody song lyrics. 

Mattson has a powerful muse because clever is her specialty.

We just received Jordan’s Halloween invitation for its sales team and the theme is “Denial on the Nile at the Temple of Jordan Winery.” The invitation says: “Avoid the curse of Ra and RSVP,” and the message is packaged in a mummy, encased in sarcophagus.

Everyone at my house was wowed, including one member who prefers not to be named. But this particular member asked if he could take the mummy off to college to decorate his dorm room. I hope Mattson and her tribe take in the compliment.

Humor and hijinks are at an all time high in the drink industry and it’s a particularly fun time to track the wild ride of marketers. Brewers are taking a lesson from the whimsy of the wine world. Companies like Rogue Ale and Spirits in Newport Oregon, and the Funky Buddha Brewery in Oakland Park, Florida are putting out some out-of-the-box brands.

If you’re not taking note of the spirited fun in the beverage industry at this point in time, stop working. Take your fingers off the keys of your computer. Put your smart phone away. Uncork a bottle of wine and watch this video. Then thank the Millennials, the offspring of the Baby Boomers, for fueling this crazy fun.

Ingenuity should always be celebrated.

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